Back to School Preparations

(featuring Teachers)

Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.

– Bob Talbert


Looking ahead to the new school term, challenges still exist in this new normal but the community at large is getting adjusted little by little. 


The roles and responsibilities of teachers have widened considerably. 


In Singapore’s context where schools remained open for the most part, our teachers had to ensure that lessons remain student-centric, finding new ways to engage the class and facilitate active discussions. 


One year on, educators and students are more confident in the use of digital tools and blended learning.


According to an article, "after the 2020–2021 school year, back-to-school time is going to be different. Between disrupted schedules, quarantines, virtual and hybrid learning and distancing, students did not have a normal educational experience last year". 


Help students ease into the new year with these ice-breakers:


STEM Challenge

Get them started on their STEM skills right away by challenging them to make a name tag that meets certain criteria. They'll be measuring, designing and engineering in no time! Get the tutorial at For the Love of Teachers. 


Photo Magnets

Not only are photo magnets a cute memento of the first day of school, they'll help everyone in the class learn each other's names. Get the tutorial at Mrs. Strawberry. 


Mental Heath Check-In

Back-to-school season can bring up a lot of anxiety and negative feelings. Erin Castillo of #okayteacher came with a great way to start talking about mental health in her classroom. She invites each of her students to write their names on the back of a sticky note and put it on poster board in accordance with their feelings; it's a discreet and non-verbal way of figuring out who needs some extra help.


Motivational Stamps

Words and stamps of encouragement or of a job well done are perfect to show that we care. Get pre-inked Teacher Stamps at Excellent Stamp now. 


Perhaps have your school purchase the display rack for a collection of Teacher Stamps so every educator in the Teacher's room can have easy access to them.


Happy New School Year! 

-Excellent Stamp