3 Tips to Stamp it Yours! 


If you’ve not heard about or used textile stamps, you’ve probably been missing out on so many personalisation possibilities. 


Make personalising fabric items as easy as 1, 2, 3! Read on to find out how.


Tip #1 — Monogram It!


Photo byLiza Pooor onUnsplash


Do you have a collection of fabric masks? The next time you receive your new stash, why not consider stamping a monogram? It’s going to look nice, and if you live with a large family - it’s going to make laundry sorting so much more efficient, (especially if you’ve got more than 1 of the same design!)


Tip #2  — Differentiate It!


Photo byJoana Abreu onUnsplash


Have you been bringing your own bag for grocery runs? Make them pretty and stamp it yours!


Tip #3  — Personalise It!

Don’t want the hassle of getting personal belongings mixed up, more so during this pandemic? Consider textile stamps as a fuss-free option to label your children’s school uniform, handkerchiefs, washcloths, and other fabric items.


Not just for children’s belongings, you can also label and personalise your own items — drawstring pouches, toiletry bags, and make-up pouches!


The ink of our textile stamps hold their impression on many types of fabrics - from cotton to linen and silks etc.!


Did you know you can upload your print ready design onto our stamp portal? You may also create your design from a blank canvas! Alternatively if you need some help, select from one of our design templates here.


What will you create?

Head over to our website and personalise yours today!


Happy creating! 

-Excellent Stamp