Decluttering in Progress. How to Enjoy the Process.

Carving out some time to clean your office/home desk can be a rewarding task when you see the fruits of your labor!




Start off with visioning how you’ll like your creative space to look like. 


Browse Pinterest, or magazines to get you inspired. Save these pictures and it’ll give you something concrete to look at and help edge you along the decluttering process!


Enjoy the process by:

  • Listening to your favourite music on your wireless earpieces or radio.


  • Diffusing some essential oils! They can help clear your mind and boost motivation. Citrus-based oils such as Mandarin, Grapefruit, and Lemon are good starting scents.


  • Treating yourself with a cool drink after decluttering is complete.



Here’s some tips on how to declutter:


Tip #1 

Identify the most important items. Keep only the things you need.


Tip #2

Put things you want to see daily in close proximity and in easy to reach areas. Empty pencil sharpeners and replace staples, stationery you use on a daily basis.


Tip #3 

Use organisation supplies like boxes of different sizes to store loose items.


Tip #4 

Hide the wires if you can!


Tip #5 

Organise your paperwork in files or folders.


Tip #6

Gently wipe your computer screen and keyboard with a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt.  Don’t forget to disinfect your workstation as you go!



We hope you have found some of these tips helpful in motivating you to start decluttering. 

Start with a positive mindset and enjoy the process!


Here's wishing you and your team a Bountiful and Prosperous Lunar New Year! 


-Suremark Singapore