Stamp Cleaning Tips for Longer Lasting Impressions


Cleaning the ink from your rubber stamps after every use will ensure that your stamps continue to make crisp, clear impressions. You’ll also extend their shelf life when you clean them regularly!  Read on for stamp cleaning tips.


Tip #1 - Non Self-Inking Stamps

Remove Ink 

Blot the stamp onto scrap paper to remove excess ink after stamping. 


Tip #2

Quick Cleaning

Sometimes you may not have the time to properly clean your stamps as soon as you are done using them. In this case, a wet alcohol-free baby wipe works as a quick solution! Rub the stamp with the baby wipe to remove as much ink as possible.


Tip #3

Deep Cleaning

Make your own cleaner by adding a few drops of mild detergent or baby wash to a cup of water. Use a rag or paper towel to rub the rubber area and remove any remaining ink. 


Tip #5

Air Dry

Be sure to let the stamps air dry completely before storing them!


Tip #6 - For Self-Inking Stamps

With the pad side facing you push the stamp shaft in until the stamp flips to face you. Push in the button to hold it in place so it doesn't flip back once you release it.


Dip an old toothbrush in your homemade cleaner solution (a few drops of mild detergent and water) and gently brush away dried ink and bits.


Wipe off any remaining ink with an alcohol-free baby wipe. Wipe any excess liquid from the stamp with a paper towel then release the buttons on the stamp shaft so it flips back inward.


Continue using your squeaky clean stamp and clean as desired! Shop for more stamps on our Excellent Stamp shop here.


-Excellent Stamp