Organised Desk, Organised Mind


In light of the increase in COVID-19 cases in Singapore, the government has encouraged us to limit social interactions and in the workplace.


Will you be working from home or in the office under heighted safe measures?


On a similar note, don’t we all wish we had a social media ready work desk like this?


Photo by Serpstat from Pexels


Far from reality in most cases (in ours at least)! 


Did you know that there are benefits of an organised desk? Here’s a round up of 5 Mental Health Benefits of A Clean and Organised Workspace from Painted Brain.


  1. Improved Concentration

Don’t let the clutter on your desk catch your eye and lead you down a road of distraction and time consumption that went nowhere.


  1. Increased Productivity

A side effect of having a more focused mindset is that it makes you a more productive person.


  1. Enhanced Mood

An organised and professional workspace atmosphere is enticing enough to get you in a professional work mood.


  1. Reduced Stress Levels

A disorganised workspace can easily make you feel like the other aspects of your life are just as messy.


  1. Improved Positivity

The great thing about cleaning and organising is that it doesn’t only have a mental benefit to you. It also gets you to move around a bit, which you’d need when you spend most of your days working by sitting in front of a desk.



SureMark’s Tips:

  1. Use sticky self-adhesive note pads to manage your to-do lists or notes to other co-workers.


  1. Get organised with all those documents and necessary paperwork with index divider files and folders.


  1. Visually track your schedule with a whiteboard and coloured magnets!


Be it a make-shift home desk, or your desk in the office — commit to a daily routine of organising it and watch your productivity soar!



Take care and stay safe. 

-Suremark Singapore