Want to Organise Better? Use Colour.

Have you thought about how colour can improve productivity?


We instinctively remember colour faster than we can read text. 


Colour thus assists us in remembering important tasks as it forms associations that create pathways in our brains for long-term memory storage. 


According to Smead, using colour as an organisational tool is one of the most effective ways to save time and be more productive!


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Apart from organising our physical work desk, colour-coding can be a visual way to help organise our workflow.


For example we associate the colour Red with power and energy - this makes it  great for pairing for tasks that must be completed right away. Redfiles, index divider tabs or page markers can be assigned to ‘Urgent’ items, and Green files or tabs for ‘To-Do Later’ items.


You could also assign colour to the activity type, i.e. Red for Sales Activity, Yellow for Administrative Tasks, Blue for Marketing Campaigns, etc.







Keys tags to drawers in the workplace containing specific Sales/ Admin/ Marketing materials can also be colour-coded accordingly for easy association.


Adding colour will also help you to save time in retrieving and sorting information. If you are working on several projects at the same time, assigning a different coloured project file for each one will help you quickly identify what you need. 


In the virtual space, (think our email inboxes, cloud calendar, desktop icons) we can also switch up the colours of the folders and category colours for the same purpose!



Color Psychology

There’s also science demonstrating how colour affects us. Blue tones evoke a sense of calm, shades of green for serenity, and happy colours like yellow and pink are mood lifters.


Here’s a tip! Do you have a project or task that you have trouble completing? Assign one of your favourite happy colours to it to trick your mind into thinking that the task is an enjoyable one.

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With a few tools and tips, organising your workspace can be easy! Colour is a great organisational tool and helps keep you operating efficiently.


-Suremark Singapore