Books For Stationery Lovers




“There was something very comfortable in having plenty of stationery.”

Charles Dickens, Great Expectations


Do you love all things stationery?

If your answer is a resounding YES, then give these books a try! 


Stationery Fever: From Paper Clips to Pencils and Everything in Between by John Z. Komurki

Stationery has evolved from basic everyday necessities to designer, collectable items! A beautifully designed European-focused book with so much to learn about the world of stationery! 



"Stationery Fever, by John Z. Komurki, is a guide to the ever-changing universe of stationery for both the curious beginner and the confirmed fanatic."

-Bristol Herald Courier


Adventures in Stationery: A Journey Through Your Pencil Case by James Ward

Geeky stationery lovers, rejoice! Filled with fascinating facts about stationery, this entertaining book reveals tales of the invention of our humble stationery. 


The Perfection of the Paper Clip: Curious Tales of Invention, Accidental Genius, and Stationery Obsession

Filled with charming drawings, illuminating stories, and winning humour, this quirky book spotlights the essential paper clip.  


The Secret Life of the Pencil: Great Creatives and Their Pencils

This book presents a unique collection of close-up pictures of pencils from some of our foremost artists, designers, writers, architects, and musicians. Get inspired! 


-SureMark Singapore


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