Desk Essentials: Coffee & Stationery


Coffee and Tea. Probably our favourite desk accompaniment (besides stationery of course!) for all those study sessions and workathons. Relax and recharge with a daily cup of inspiration - Coffee or Tea. What’s your pick?


While they may be the world’s most widely consumed caffeine drink of choice, your pick might come down to where you live! The map below of caffeine preference shows regional trends, including some surprising standouts.

Source: Visual Capitalist


So, what is it about Coffee that has us all hooked? Darkly coloured, bitter, and slightly acidic, Coffee does act as a mild stimulant on humans, primarily due to its caffeine content. What’s more, according to the National Coffee Association of US, they believe that “Coffee is more than just a drink: It’s a culture, an economy, an art, a science — and a passion”.


Coffee culture. In recent years, coffee culture has become a preferred way for people to interact with their colleagues and build relationships. “At its core, coffee culture refers to the social aspects of drinking coffee with your coworkers” - 


This can include everything from grabbing a cup of Coffee in the pantry before work, to enjoying a Latte on your walk back to the office with your colleagues after lunch. Such social interactions can help establish trust and understanding among teammates, which can be helpful during times of conflict.


Plus, it does help us get to know one another all over again in a semi-casual setting after some work from home seclusions.


It’s also no secret that this beloved beverage is also known for its ability to fine-tune our focus and boost energy levels = increased productivity while we are at work.


… and what's not to love? Coffee (and Tea) does go hand in hand with stationery enthusiasts! Amongst our notebooks, pens, highlights, sticky notepads, we are guessing it’s always your favourite drink nestled on your desk.


Hands up if this is you! 『☕』


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