Everyday Stationery Essentials





Whether work happens in the office, at home or both, have the right tools needed to get things done with our stationery essentials! 


Here are 5 products you should always have nearby and why they are essential to help you stay on top of things.


Colourful Sticky Notes help make reminders more visible. Jot down quick notes or to-dos, stick them (reusable adhesive included) to your work desk, laptop, monitor screens! They’re great to use in a team brainstorming session as well. 


Stick Tack is a reusable adhesive that is used to attach lightweight items (think photo frames, wall calendars, posters) onto doors, walls or other surfaces. Stationery Hack: We also like to use it for cleaning dust from hard-to-reach places like laptop keyboards. It’s inexpensive and offers loads of different uses!


Bright and vibrant coloured Highlightersmake reading through long paragraphs of words much less mundane. Mark out key pointers and phrases to help you summarise text visually. 


Staplers and Staplesare essential when it comes to ensuring your documents stay in the correct order and together.


Another essential office stationery item is Glue. SureMark’s liquid glue features both a pen tip and wide tip for precise and easy application. Just set the tip on the surface and glide it through. This makes sticking convenient and mess-free.

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Did you know? Menlon Agency Pte Ltd’s in-house brand, SureMark’s stationery products are OEM from well established manufacturers in Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia etc.  Occupying close to 30,000 square feet with more than USD3 million of stock inventory in our Singapore warehouse at Pandan Crescent, Menlon Agency is well-poised to meet the demands of trusted customers. SureMark’s products are also currently exported to over 15 countries across ASEAN and the Middle East. 


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