3 Ways to Combat WFH Fatigue

Lines between work and home have blurred. 


The never-ending pandemic has affected the best of us according to the Human Resources Director's e-article and here are 3 tips we've picked up on how to manage WFH fatigue. 


1. Consciously manage your schedule

Productivity apps and calendars are great (read our next tip) but sometimes we think having a whiteboard to visually track your schedule helps! Schedule in morning mediation times, weekly evening runs on a whiteboard placed in a shared space. Your family can be a part of it too this way and provide gentle reminders to keep you on track! 


2. Block your calendar and take time off

Productivity apps, Google, Outlook, iCals, you name it! Block off your time, set them to away mode (so others will know) so you can take time to rest and return to work recharged! 


3. Go outside and get fresh air

Enjoy the healing power of nature! You won't have to go far in sunny Singapore where neighbourhood parks and gardens are just a stone's throw away.


Our minds need rest and our eyes need adequate breaks from screen time. A report by Channel News Asia found that eyesight problems are on the rise in Singapore. Doctors have cited smaller screens and inadequate lighting, non-fixed work hours (many may be working more) as some of these reasons impacting visual health.


Experts recommend these tips for eye protection:

  • Rest the eyes
  • Blinking
  • Place devices at correct positions (40 degrees below your horizontal line of sight and 2ft away)
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Treat existing myopia conditions


Where we can, our team prefers notebooks and hardcopy planners, pen to paper, and stick notes to manage our to-do lists. There's that inexplicable sense of achievement about physically striking a task off your to-do list!


Take care and stay safe. 

-Suremark Singapore