Goal Setting Tips for the New Year


The new year is upon us and as the saying goes: “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”


Have you set actionable goals for 2022? What steps will you be putting in place to achieve them?


We bring you 2 goal-setting methods that we think are particularly useful:

  1. BSQ - Think Big, Act Small, and Move Quickly

  2. Goal Pyramid


For BSQ, plan your goals on ‘big’ targets, and thereafter plan the actions by naming out the smaller actions required to achieve the ‘big’ target as you work through the plan quickly to accomplish your goal.


As for Goal Pyramid, put your top goal at the peak of the pyramid, followed by large milestones, medium, and small ones.


No matter what your goal is, it is important to take the right approach. Goals have to be tangible, each team member needs to be accountable, and have a good idea of what pitfalls you may encounter in the process of reaching your desired goal.


Sit down with your team and re-define your vision!


What a great idea this is to write and lay all aspirations from your team on SureMark’s Adhesive Notes on the table/ drawing board.


Ensure transparent communication, stay clear once your goals are set, and look forward to building stronger teams in 2022!


It's time to get inspired! 


What are some of your team's goals? Share them on our Facebook or Instagram channels. We'll love to hear from you!


Here's wishing you and your team a Happy and Bountiful New Year! 


-Suremark Singapore