Your On the Go Stamp Guide

(Handy Travel Stamps/ Heri Stamping Pen) 


🎄 Start early! Shop stamps online for your near and dear for this season of thankfulness and togetherness. 🎄


Shiny’s Handy Stamps are self-inking and range from 12mm x 12mm small to larger impressions that go up to 58mm x 22mm. They also come in 11 casing colours to suit every style. 

Did you also know that you can upload your print ready design onto our stamp portal? You may also create your design from a blank canvas! Alternatively if you need some help, select from one of our design templates here.


Head over to our website and personalise yours today!


What will you create?


For the workaholic friend who is always on the go

Order a Handy travel sized official company stamp for those important business meetings and work trips.


For your friend who needs to write his name on every single document

Browse our design templates and customise a name stamp to save him some trouble!

For the teacher friend who can mark her papers anywhere

Customise a stamp for her students for a job well done! Select from 5 ink pad colours of Blue, Black, Red, Purple, and Green. Because self-inked stamp impressions don't have to come solely in black 😜. 


For your extra special friend

The Heri Stamping Pen makes a perfect gift for the road warrior. Write with it, use the stylus tip for your tablet, and there's more to the pen! Surprise your recipient with a HIDDEN pre-inked stamp that switches out with a click of a button.


Get the New Promesa (Rollerball) version in Gold for that extra sparkle and luxury, the Classic option and travel/ mini version is also available. Prices start from S$33.


Shop one for your best buddy and yourself! 


Happy gifting!

-Excellent Stamp