Functional Work Essentials for Your Organisation

Bet you're no stranger to SureMark’s products!


Ubiquitous in offices large and small, stationery retail outlets, supermarket chains, mom and pop shops (and the list goes on), the SureMark brand is synonymous with quality stationery and at a pocket-friendly price. 


Looking for office stationery supplies? Our previous blog post shone the spotlight on 5 stationery essentials, and this month we introduce 5 more functional work supplies you and your team absolutely need!


Use Sheet Protectors for important documents you don't want to hole punch, risk tearing, or smudging. They are also perfect as holders for loose receipts and invoices. Place them at the front of your ring files, and sort them out once you're ready to. 


Binder Clipshelp you organise loose documents without the need for a stapler. You can remove them easily and attach new documents. SureMark’s Binder Clips are available in a range of sizes from tiny to extra large, organise your office documents in a jiffy! There are plenty of binder clip stationery hacks out there too (read our previous post)!


Need additional organisation of your paperwork within the same file? We recommend using Folder Index Dividers. SureMark’s 5-colour, 10-colour, 12-colour index divider tabs are all popular choices. Grey coloured tabs are also available. If you want to sort documents by month (Jan - Dec) or A - Z alphabetical order, SureMark has them too. 


Plastic and Stainless Steel Rulers for measuring in cm and inches, and if you need to draw straight lines in real life. SureMark’s Plastic Rulers come in 15cm, 20cm, and 30cm lengths. While our Stainless Steel Rulers go up to 100cm.


Do you use tape regularly? Increase efficiency and reduce tape waste in the office with tape dispensers. Swiftly cut a piece of tape without having to fiddle for the lost end or a scissors, with SureMark’s Tape Dispensers. Designed to hold your tape in place, our dispenser comes in 3 sizes - Large, Small, and Mini to suit your desk and needs. They feature a weighted base to keep them steady for ease of use. 


Purchasing office supplies for the team or entire corporation? Get your office stationery essentials delivered with a fast turnaround time of 3 days with just a few clicks. Shop SureMark now.


Enjoy free* delivery (within Singapore) for orders above S$50. Enquire with us for international shipping rates. *Terms and conditions apply.


Did you know? Menlon Agency Pte Ltd’s in-house brand, SureMark’s stationery products are OEM from well established manufacturers in Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia etc.  Occupying close to 30,000 square feet with more than USD3 million of stock inventory in our Singapore warehouse at Pandan Crescent, Menlon Agency is well-poised to meet the demands of trusted customers. SureMark’s products are also currently exported to over 15 countries across ASEAN and the Middle East. 


-SureMark Singapore